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bottom what we do ?

What M5 Agency Is All About.

People Matter

Our team is what makes the magic happen, and are considered the most valuable asset to the company.


We're not afraid to think outside the box and provide our clients with unrestrained, innovative and original ideas.


We don't try and sell you trendy tactics, we put together a customized plan just for your company's needs.


We are as passionate about your business as you are. We're doing what we love every day.

Why Choose M5 Agency

We're a team of industry leaders and innovators, driving our client's success like it's our own. We provide strategic creative, placement & opportunities for our clients to succeed.


We strive to build life-long partnerships and renowned trust with and every one of our clients.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals that are experts in their field, offering unprecendented knowledge to your campaigns.


The world is changing constantly, being able to understand and stay ahead of the changes are crucial to your success.


We have been on the client side of advertising, we know what it's like, which allows us to avoid common agency faux pas.


Utilizing the right tools to provide our clients new opportunities and tactics to reach their customers in new ways.


By compiling data and understanding where your customers are, what they like to do, and how to best engage with them provide us with the best opportunity to connect your brand and your target audience together.

Our Services

Staying ahead of the market and industry is what sets us apart, that and our innovation and dedication to each of our clients to see them become successful. At M5 Agency, we provide solid, strategic and creative solutions to our clients based on their individual needs and goals.


Strategy is at the core for innovation and success. It is important to have a fully developed strategic plan backed by data and research to drive your company success.


Media spend is a large portion of your budget and must be allocated accuartely. We help you strategically place those dollars & continually optimize to achieve your outcomes.


Content strategy, analytics, web development, search engine optimizations. It can get real confusing, let M5 guide you through the process.


Your brand is more than a logo & color palette, its a feeling. Its a promise. Its everything you as a company believes. We make that vision come to life.

Social Media

Consistently getting your brand's message to the right place, at the right time and in front of the right people, with the ability to control & monitor what is said about your company.

Public Relations

Delivering powerful messages that influence others and engages them in meaningful ways, while providing the company with the direct impact and ROI received.

What is our process ?

Staying ahead of the market and industry is what sets us apart, that and our love and dedication to each of our clients to see them become successful. At M5, we provide solid, strategicand creative solutions to our clients based on their individual needs and goals.

Our process begins with a complete understanding of our clients history, goals, objectives, target audience(s), and current efforts with an initial meeting. M5 agency feels that it is essential to fully understand who you're representing to be able to recommend and provide each clients with the perfect plan to deliver results that will ultimately achieve thier outcomes.
After a full understanding of our client, we utilize our various research platforms to define and understand what our client outcomes are and how to achieve them. Through the utilization of various research tools, we are able to uncover data and insight that allows us to define target audiences, understand consumer behavior, gain insights in media consumption, analyze competitive spending data and trends, and use this knowledge to develop strategic plans & elaborate creative.
After putting together an action plan to accomplish the clients outcomes, we then work to put together a comphrensive report that showcases what has been accomplish and where we are going. This allows for a higher level of accountability in performance to ensure that the outcomes set forth in the beginning of the relationship are being met. These reports allow for adjustments, optimizations and provide strategic updates within the client's account to be able to focus dollars where they are most lucrative.

Reaching your customers in the right places is more critical than ever. Take a peek at some industry stats.

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